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A Good Christian

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In approaching over 25 years in the business of music one might wonder how this unholy version of a man is still amongst the living. Over the years this successful-not-successful music mogul has had a go at almost every position within the industry imaginable, except – perhaps – manning the mailroom. In doing so he has mostly chosen a position outside the limelight; his life reading like a never-ending episode of Behind The Music on acid.  

Being A Good Christian brings with it karmic rewards, meaning our anti-hero now has a bit more time on his hands. So, instead of utilising that spare time to work towards achieving world peace or converting heathens to the Church of Hedonism, he spends time frolicking amongst the fruits of a quarter-century spent digging for records, occasionally playing those slabs of black gold to people other than his closest disciples and cutting up and rearranging some of these for his own pleasure.