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Dekmantel Soundsystem

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Consisting of Dekmantel founders Thomas Martojo and Casper Tielrooij, Dekmantel Soundsystem has gained a reputation of its own over the years. Beyond showing up at nearly every one of our events (for obvious reasons), the pair have struck out on their own recently, even embarking on an 11-show, all-nighter tour across Europe in the fall of 2017. Throughout all their efforts though, Dekmantel Soundsystem simply plays the music they love, and their deeply felt passion for quality dance music ultimately informs their sets in the same way it has informed every single event they've ever thrown.

What’s your estimated amount of records?
Let's say 4000!?
What’s the first bin in a record store you look in?
Depends on the flow.. :)
Name one record you have been chasing for years.
Sonya Spence - Sings Love