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Interstellar Funk

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Olf van Elden (aka Interstellar Funk) is a rapidly ascending Dutch producer and DJ who has released material with the likes of Rush Hour while also running a few of his own imprints, namely Tape Records and the more recently launched Artificial Dance label. In the past few years, van Elden has been on the bill for nearly every Dekmantel event, and it doesn't appear we'll stop inviting him anytime soon as he keeps coming into his own, delivering ever more astonishing and unpredictable sets.

What’s your estimated amount of records?
More than that actualy fit in my storage.. Which seems to become a never ending story and which probably sounds familiar for all of you out there..
What’s the first bin in a record store you look in?
I always start with the experimental/early electronics bin but don’t leave before I have seen them all. Oh and don’t forget to ask the guy behind the counter for his favourites, they will always come up with special gems!
Name one record you have been chasing for years.
It’s a beautiful Japanese 808 driven tune by Ryo Kawasaki called “Hawaiian Caravan which I’m really into but unfortunately didn’t find a decent priced copy yet.