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Robert Bergman

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Robert Bergman is an ascending Amsterdam talent who has been on Dekmantel's radar for quite some time. As a producer, Bergman is known for contorting analog machines into twisted sequences, and as a DJ the Dutchman (who also serves as a keenly knowledgeable employee of the Rush Hour record shop by day) can be counted upon to bring similarly twisted, synth-fueled vibes to the dancefloor.

What’s your estimated amount of records?
About a room full.
What’s the first bin in a record store you look in?
Always go for the 'cheapo' bins! 
Name one record you have been chasing for years.
There are quite some records i've been looking for for extended periods of time... you can't have it all I guess. There is this 45 by Henry Lee Roberts I really want to find some day.... So let me know if any of you have a spare copy :)

Vile retro-futuristic boogie tune... Everything about the song is just alien.