Dekmantel Selectors | Orpheu The Wizard & Tako & Jamie Tiller
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Orpheu The Wizard & Tako & Jamie Tiller

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Orpheu The Wizard
If anyone is keeping score, we anticipate Orpheu to rank top 5 in the Dekmantel Regulars table. Maybe even #1 outright. And there is of course a reason for this: the tireless, joyous Red Light Radio boss is as Wizardly as his name suggests. Selectors will be another notch on his run of home runs – count on it.


It is hard to imagine how Tako could be any more of a godfather for the Amsterdam scene. His influence is legion – Young Marco, Vladimir Ivkovic, Chee Shimizu, Izabel, Max Abysmal and countless others have had their curiosity and tastes sharpened by a man who digs deeper than the Mariana Trench. A triple-header with Orpheu the Wizard and Jamie Tiller spells greatness.

Jamie Tiller

Music From Memory? What’s novel about Jamie Tiller is the music he presents is often not from memory – it is the result of extensive research, bargaining and wild goose chases across the world to find that perfect find no-one else has. The same applies to Tako and Orpheu the Wizard too – which ensures their b2b2b is going to be all Tiller, and no filler.