Dekmantel Selectors | Parris & Ploy
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Parris & Ploy

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Hemlock, Idle Hands and The Trilogy Tapes – three of the UK's buy-on-sight labels, and three that have all scrambled to sign up mindboggling records from the one they call Parris. A constant at all the right nights and making all the right moves as a DJ, whatever we get from Dwayne Parris will be sweet, not sour.

Say the word 'Ramos' and countless clubbers will warp straight back to the summer of 2018, where Ploy's breakout hit was inescapable and life-affirming. Selectors caught a dose of this once, when the now-legendary Batu set peaked with, you guessed it, 'Ramos'. Now we welcome Ploy himself to Tisno for more genius where that came from.